Dear fans!
The time has come!! After one year of hard work we finally completed our first album “Silent Pieces”. For a long time we’ve been looking forward to the release date… And now the wait is over!! But from the beginning… how did the idea come up to make an album?

During our almost two year career of MoonSun, we’ve written a lot of own songs which we uploaded on the internet (the quality was unfortunately very bad). Back then a lot of people asked us for an album, although we hadn’t thought about one yet! So we burned a few CD’s with our songs and sent them to our fans. However our hearts always hurt when we had to present our songs in such a bad quality, without booklet, etc.

At the beginning of 2012 the idea of making an album finally came up; also with booklet, songs in a pleasant quality, and so on… But how are we to succeed when the resources available are limited? From the beginning it was out of the question that we would record our songs in a studio. First of all we haven’t had the money and secondly we wanted to work on our songs intensely, which is easier at home without pressure. Thus we began to inform ourselves even more about recording techniques, micro-
phones, software, hardware, … We developed ourselves in such a rapid pace that the following was already clear after two months: Our songs will have a real good quality! But this was just a part of our album…

Now we had to ask ourselves how to make up our own artwork (booklet, cover, etc.). Because of not knowing anything about that we thought about asking somebody else. But in the end we got so motivated, that we decided to do it by our own as well. We bought a good camera and started studying photography, which was very interesting. It was the best decision we’ve made, because we had such a lot of fun!

After a first rough concept of the album, we started recording in April. Unfortunately we finished very late, because Susanne had laryngitis for a long time. This is also the main reason why the release date of the album has been postponed… The main thing, however, is that we completed the album and we hope that you will be as satisfied as we are.

At the end we want to underline again, that the album is not recorded in a professional sound studio, which will let some of you certainly think: “The songs don’t sound like the ones from James Blunt.” That is correct… but we ask for forgiveness, because we are students and we don’t have the money for studio-recordings. In this manner we invested a lot more time and heart in the album as we would have had done in a studio.

We like to thank the people who accompanied and supported us on our path! We are looking forward to your feedback and critique to our first album. We are open for everything, so please don’t be reserved. We will take your critique serious and try to improve ourselves! Many lovely greetings and a big THANK YOU,
Susanne & Thomas

The way to order the album

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