Cover Inner Clouds
Dear Fans,
two years have passed since we published our first album „Silent Pieces“. It is quite amazing! We were surprised how successful the album was and would like to give our heartly thanks to everyone once again. Only through your support, it became such a success! We have sold the album in over 30 countries all around the world, showing us our efforts were well worth it.Your positive feedback led us to the decision to make another album. Once again, we made the album on our own and we are very proud that we can present it to you now. Asking you to pay as much as the album is worth to you, has worked well for us, and we want to continue that way for now.The only change is that we ask our fans from South America to download the album digitally, because many albums got lost when posted by mail. It makes us very sad that so many albums got lost or arrived three months later and hope you understand this step.For everyone else our special offer stays as it is, pay as much as it´s worth to you for the album. We hope that you will like this album too, and that we can build on our success of „Silent Pieces“!Best wishes and happy times,


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