Something big has happened today… Susanne has quit her job, so that we will make a living from music from the beginning of May. We don’t know if this will work financially, but we will definitely try it and we get the very important support for this great project from YOU! We would like to thank you extremely for being there for us and supporting us so grandly with all your possibilities! Many people believe that we can easily make a living from music, but unfortunately that’s not the case, because the music business is not that easy nowadays …

As we already mentioned, we are currently in the making of an online shop, where you can soon purchase our products (some as a pre-order, so that we can calculate the amount and prices better). Be curious, there will be coming a lot of new things from us this year and we will continue to give you everything we can! : – *

See you soon and have a nice start into the week,
Susanne & Thomas

One thought on “A new period of life starts…”

  1. This is so great! You guys are truly talented and passionate, you will make a living with your amazing music! And I will be there to support you in every step of your path. Happy week to you, too! ♥

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